Welcome to the WPL Comic Book Club homepage!

For those just visiting, we’re a group of teens (and a couple adult organizers) who create comics every Thursday at the Windsor Public Library Central branch. This page is for our ongoing Collaborative Story Project.

The objective of this site is to create a complete campaign setting wiki, track future changes from meeting to meeting and create a reference document for everyone to refer to over the course of the project (more info here). Feel free to browse the wiki and the adventure log. It’s a work in progress (obviously) but we’re adding to it all the time. If you want, leave comments, criticism or suggestions in the comments section.

By the way, we have a comic section but…


(Oct. 11th, 2012) We’ve started our journey and began on our first quest. See the adventure logs for details!


(Sept. 27th, 2012) The creation of our new Campaign/Project page! Hooray!