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A new adventure begins...(Atara's POV)

Our first quest and first day in the logger's village...

So finally the adventure begins. The night at the Inn wasn’t too bad, and it definitely wasn’t the worst place I’ve stayed at, just not the best. The mead was decent and in the morning, a messenger of the king, Erwin or Kerwin or something, came with our first quest. He was pretty annoying, going on and on like that about oaths and whatnot, but eventually he gave us the quest. Apparently, there was a troll or an orc or something terrorizing a town nearby and the king didn’t want to go himself, so he wanted us to go instead. The reward is only 100gp, but whatever, it will be an adventure anyway, right? So I agreed to go, since it sounded fun, and got ready to go.

The others that agreed to go and accepted the quest were some weird scaly guy (probably a 5 or 6), a huntress (6 or 7) and her newly obtained bodyguard (4 or 5, seems to lack brains), a wimpy chick that likes to say ‘ye’ and whatnot (what a freak, right?) (-6), a farmer chick that won’t shut up about how great she is and seems to follow the princess a lot (3 or 4), an old castle guard(anywhere from a 5 to a 7), some woodland elf, apparently a mage (4 or 5), some chick that likes plants (herbs most likely, sounds like a healer) (3 or 4), and a guy that calls himself an assassin, he seems pretty full of himself though (5 or 6). There was also a triclops in the window who accepted too (4 or 5+).

OOC: The way Atara rates people is basically the level of strength overall is suspected of each PC. 0 being the lowest, 10 being the highest, the average decent warrior being 6 or 7. This is all her opinion, so no offense is intended, she has a habit of not really being a people person, especially to humans.

Anyway, so we walked to the next town (urgh) and by the time we arrived, the sun was already setting. We saw what appeared to be two giants and about a hundred sheep. Some wanted to investigate, but night was falling, and in the end, we decided to stay at the inn. I hope it’ll be the the last time I agree with the wimp, Rose.

Anyway, the wimp worked in the kitchen to pay for her stay, and so I told them to put it on her tab too, so now she’s working extra and I get a free stay there. So out came the head cook, Helga (or as she calls herself, ‘Olga) with her giant wooden ladle and dragged the chick into the kitchen. Meanwhile, the huntress and her bodyguard went off the hunt and came back with a rabbit and a deer (or as Helga calls it, Ven’son). I went off to talk to some locals and find out a bit about the troll or whatever was bugging them. The woodsmen did know a bit, and that was useful, but I wish they knew a bit more. By the way, the Inn here makes pretty good mead, for humans, heads up to Holga.

After that, we had some deer soup (Holga: Ven’son!) before going to sleep. Tomorrow, hopefully we’ll find some more information, and maybe slay us some monsters. Most of us will get a good night’s rest, I guess, except the wimp, ‘cause she’ll be working in the kitchen all night. (laughs)

OOC: She refers to each character with a nickname or title. In case you didn’t get it, here’s a list of names she uses: The wimp, the assassin, the farm-girl/farmer chick, the snake-guy/snakeface, the huntress/hunter chick, the bodyguard, the healer, the woodland elf/the elf/elven mage, the guard/castle guard/old dude. You can probably figure out who’s who.

Wow. Nice work Ryuzaki! I didn’t even bother copying the whole thing because there were so few edits needed.
Things to work on: I noticed you use a double space between your sentences and I switched them all to a single space. Your teacher may have told you to do this, but this is actually an outdated typing rule from the days of mono-spaced typewriters. (Warning, font history lesson ahead!) In those days, letters used mono-spacing, meaning they were always an equal distance apart. The double space helped distinguish a space between sentences from a regular space between words. However, with most modern fonts (with the exception of some like “Courier”, the font used in the Obsidian Editor window), letters are automatically spaced properly and this rule is no longer needed. Since Obsidian portal displays all your saved work in a font called “Georgia”, a non-mono-spaced font, you don’t have to use the double space rule. That being said, if your teacher insists that you use it when writing a paper, follow their rule to ensure you don’t lose grades, but ignore it outside of the classroom. You now know better! Trust me, I’m actually a professional when it comes to this stuff since it’s one of the things I studied in school! ;) -OS

Bonus Fact: The space between letters is actually called “kerning”. The more you know!

Double Bonus Fact: You can get this cool greyed out “quotation text” that I’m using right now by typing "bq). " at the start of a paragraph (make sure to include the space after the period!) or by selecting the text you want changed and then clicking the person with the speech bubble button at the top of the editor window. It’s useful for making OOC comments, etc.


Gee, talk about 250 to 350 words.


Ooh, triple comment, I’m sooo scared.
Besides, I can write lengthy logs if I want, I don’t have to conform to other people’s standards…


Tell that to Mary Lou.


Besides, if you skimmed it, you’d get the facts. you don’t have to read the entire thing…if you were to leave out details (such as the ratings and OOC notes), it’s only 3 or 4 paragraphs. I like to be descriptive, I’m just that kind of writer.



We never said that you absolutely have to keep it between 250-350 words but we highly encourage you to do so. This is because enforcing a word count will help force you to edit down your stories into the essential meaty bits. Trimming the fat if you will. You’ll become better writers for it. If you really must include notes on stats and such, perhaps consider making a foot-note or appendix at the end of your story. By including them within the main body of the story, you run the risk of bogging down your readers in detail and causing them to lose interest. That aside, I’m super happy you guys are adding so much content on your own time. I can’t wait to see what comics you might make based on this.


Great, i’m actually pretty pumped to make comics after a lot of practice!!! :3


I can’t wait until we start drawing these out! Is currently redesigning Atara as a Sea elf rather than a forest elf

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