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Mr.Hangoff (Kom's log)

A meeting with a very strange man

the morning of the next finally came, everyone (except for like 3 people) showed up at breakfast and talked about what we were going to to for today (last time we learned that a blacksmith knew someone who could help us), we then decided that a trip to the blacksmith would be a good idea.

When we entered the smithy, a strange man approached us and started to speak
“Hello there young warriors, what may i help you with. My name is Ferrum the blacksmith.”
He took a good look at all of us, when he looked at me his eyes started to widen.
He then grabbed me by my third arm and threw me out. I could only hear yelling and screaming after that, pure rubbish, who needs information anyway.

After awhile they came out of the smithy, i went up to try and see what i missed but only the half-orc spoke to me. He told me that we were off to see a man called Mr.Hangoff, an elf who might have some info on the Troll and his whereabouts. He also said that we were headed off to the forest because that was where the elf was.

When we arrived at the forest we saw a hut, a huge tree and lots of other trees, me and some others checked out the hut while the rest went to check out the tree(also the half-orc decided to take a nap next to a tree.) We went up to the door and found the door was locked, To open the door i decided to ram it open, but before i could do so the giant triclops looked through the window and told us to stop. He also said that there was no sign of anyone and that there was a fresh chicken on the table. I decided that i shouldn’t stick around or else i might get a mother of all beatings so i decided to join the people who were climbing the tree.

When i started climbing i heard a screaming noise, there was the half-orc stunned at the tree with a knife to his throat. We came to find out what was happening when a figure appeared, a rather tall and skinny fellow with a short yet pointy nose and curled ears. He began talking
“Hello there young adventurers, i am Mr.Hangoff, ranger, wildlife expert and quite the ladies-man if must say, what buiseness do you have here?”
“We need information on the troll” said one of those two humans(they all really look alike to me) “Do you have some information?”
“Of course i do, i am a woodland expert after all.”
After some questions and answers we finally found out the whereabouts of the troll and some potential pointers for defeating him.

I guess that’s everything that happened today.


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