"King" Marin the Mighty (also Marin the Obese)

King of what he believes is the sea...but is actually only a lake near the port.


Alignment: Neutral. Kind of. He pretty much hates anyone that comes near his “sea”. He’s like an old man that yells at children to get off his lawn and then goes to spit on puppies. Except he spits on guppies.

Physical Description: He’s a large and pudgy merman. He has more rolls than a bakery shop and needs to lose a few hundred pounds. He’s also bald (and it’s shiny enough to see your reflection in) but has the bushiest eyebrows you will ever see, as well as an over sized nose. He has large ears, one of which is pierced, and also is missing several teeth. He wears a necklace as well. He has a tail (as do all mermen) that’s barf green (which other mermen think is disgusting). He’s constantly carrying around his ‘trident’.

Personality: He’s rude, distempered and has an overall terrible personality. He scares away (or kills) everyone that comes near his “sea” and spits on small fish. He’s also vain. Remember how he’s ridiculously overweight, as well as bald? He thinks he’s extremely attractive and that the ladies scream in joy when they see him, but are too shy to approach. In reality, they’re screaming in mortal terror and are running away from him. He’s always looking in mirrors and waving his magical trident around. Men run away because when he waves that thing around, he has almost no control over it and will likely miss the target and hit a bystander.

Goals/motivations: To be king of his sea forever, and maybe rule an ocean too…(everyone hopes this will never happen, for all that’s good in this world) Also, a realistic looking toupee would be nice.

Religion: He hero-worships himself. How vain can you get?

Prized possessions: His trident, which he claims is a family heirloom, but he actually had a wizard’s apprentice enchant a pitchfork he found after scaring away a farmer.

History: He was a spoiled child and became a terrible king. Everyone secretly hates him, but won’t say anything because the king before him, his father, was a kind man who’s dying wish was that his son takes over the throne and that the villagers respect him. He calls himself King Marin the Mighty, but behind his back, everyone calls him otherwise, the most common being “Marin the Obese”. The villagers enjoy teasing him about his weight, but never brings up his baldness. He’s extremely sensitive about his baldness and will fry anyone who mentions it.

Likes: Himself, money, himself, mirrors, himself, gold and himself.

Dislikes: His bald spot, when people tease him about being fat (when he ‘knows’ he’s drop dead gorgeous), when people write mean words on his castle walls and when the guppies swear at him after he spits on them. When that happens, he makes fish sticks.


Born into a royal family, King Marin was spoiled his entire life by the beloved King Theodin, his father. Theodin was a merman, like his son is, but he was generous and kind, and promoted harmony in the lake. He had pen pals in the ocean, and was on good terms with pretty much everyone. On his deathbed, King Theodin’s last wish was for his son to become king and that they all respect him. He was forever remembered as King Theodin the Great.

After Marin was crowned king, he immediately placed himself above all others and became almost the exact opposite of his father. After scaring away all visitors, he also scared the humans from the beach. A visiting farmer dropped his pitchfork and ran, and he had that enchanted by a wizard’s apprentice (in exchange for his life). Since then, he had claimed it was a treasured family heirloom.

The villagers lost respect for him and started to make fun of him behind his back. He was very vain and called himself King Marin the Mighty, despite the fact the villagers already had a name for him the the history books: Marin the Obese (not that they’d dare say that to his face).

The guppies hate him alot too.

He dislikes anyone that isn’t a merperson (and still hates some of those too…), and loves to look at himself in the mirror. He thinks he’s drop dead gorgeous, but everyone knows otherwise.

He lacks self control, and he can’t really control the trident (the magic pitchfork) either (but he still loves to wave it around). Every time he swings it around, citizens flee, due to the fact that he often misses his target and injures a innocent bystander. The ladies also flee when they see him, since they’re afraid he’ll try to flirt or pick them up. They’re screaming in fear and are trying to get away from him, but he thinks they’re screams of joy and they’re just shy.

His only love interest is himself, unless he happens to pick up a cute mermaid while he’s in town ( insert creeper face here). Too bad they run from shyness…so he believes.

Hated enemies? Pretty much everyone. He’s not really much of a beloved king, or a respected one for that matter. At least their respectful to his face…

He terrifies or kills everyone around him, and likes to spit on small fish, which they hate. They may or may not begin a rebellion soon…

"King" Marin the Mighty (also Marin the Obese)

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