Kom son of kim

A trained assasin who can only remember his name and his training.


Alignment: Despicably evil and quite loyal

Physical description: no hair, four horns on his head, wears black cloth to cover his identity, a cyclops helmet and pearly blue eyes. Four feet tall and 250 lbs. of muscle. Think Mike Wazowski from Monsters, Inc. but on steroids.

Personality: Has a dark sense of humor, loves being despicable to some to be a hero to others (mainly himself) and loves sticking his non-existent nose into other people’s problems so he can “help them”.

goals/motivation: to restore his memories and to serve his master.

religion: He is a follower of the Underseer a next to god figure, he serves his every command and in return he gets life.

Str: +3 Superior
Con: +3 Superior
Dex: +3 Superior
Int: +0 Average
Wis: +0 Average
Cha: -2 Poor

Physically, he’s far superior to a human. Mentally, he’s not all there, and as for charisma, well, he’s a short, angry looking cyclops who looks ready to murder the next person he sees. Let’s leave it at that.


Born in the northern mountains Kom was the son of the great cyclops warrior Kim. Eventually he was outcast from the mountains for his misdeeds and left his past behind him for a new life and joined a ninja academy. He excelled in all aspects of his ninja studies but shortly before his graduation his instructors discovered their star pupil was practicing the forbidden dark arts in secret. For engaging in necromancy and worship of the forbidden deity being known as the Underseer he was immediately expelled. He began traveling and stealing with the skills he had learned but once word of his evil deeds reached his former instructors, they hunted him down and sentenced him to death.

Facing certain death, he used his knowledge of the dark arts to make a pact with the Underseer. He would die, but shortly there after, the Underseer would use his powerful necromantic abilities to revive Kom as one of the Undead. The only price was that once resurrected, Kom was tasked with finding and slaying the Underseer’s older brother, the benevolent Overseer. Many years passed, and Kom eventually managed to find and defeat the Overseer but lost all memories in the titanic struggle, only retaining his name, the name of his master, and partial abilities. Tormented by his lack of memories, he now wanders the world with no clear purpose but to regain his missing past and find the one known as “The ”/campaign/wpl-comic-book-club/wikis/underseer" class=“wiki-page-link”>Underseer".

His wandering and thieving has gotten him the task of winning the king’s “call of adventure”. Kom
has not told anyone about this but he secretely did this so he could meet the Underseer and maybe regain a piece of his lost memory.

Kom son of kim

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