Riely James III

Orcs don't like him, Humans fear him. He is both.


Weight:224 lbs
Eye Colour:Blue
Hair Colour:Brown (some purple)
Skin Colour:Caucasian


Background:His father was a travelling entertainer who on his way to the mountains to perform. Until he got caught in the middle of an Orc war and was injured. Then he was taken to the tribe where he fell in love with his healer. She loved his father and he was born. His parents were killed for dishonoring the tribe. He was raised in the tribe until he turned 12. The tribe then sent him off with the merchant who was delivering them fruit and vegetables that day. He was a merchant’s guard until he was 20. He was given Ugin the merchant’s sword the “Kriven” and went off west. For 11 years he trained by Port Vatn. He now is travelling with Arrah as an explorer.
Motivations:Hatred of those who outcast him for being a cross breed.
Fears: Anything with more than 4 eyes
Equipment:The"Kriven",dagger,his mother’s scorpian ring,Riely James II’s journal and his father’s armor
Likes:People who respect him,his stuff,survival equipment
Dislikes:Anything not mentioned

Str:3 8 years of being a merchant’s guard and 11 years of training leads to great power.
1 He is healthy in every way
Dex:1 Being a merchant’s guard he was always
Int:-1 He is dumb
Wis: 0 He is as wise as anyone else
3 He is kind hearted in many many many ways

Riely James III

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