Princess Lilac/ Rose Shinedown

She lived here whole life in a Princess' skin never going outside but when she had enough she escapes for a new life.


Name: Lilac Ann Viola/Rose Shinedown

Race: Human (Nobility)

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Height: 5’11

Weight: 120 lb.

Eye colour: Deep blue as the sea.

Hair colour: Carmel/Black as the night.

Skin: Pale

Fears: Death, evil curses, getting caught.

Equipment: Well-made plain black cloak with rose embroidery on the hem, leather satchel with additional flower embroidery. Personal dagger with rose emblem on the hilt. (She can’t escape the castle while carrying a sword.)

Possessions: Signet ring with a red stone heart that belonged previously to her mother. She used to wear it on a fine gold chain as a necklace but has since switched to a more durable leather thong. (Signet rings would represent her station as a member of royalty over a necklace.)

Likes: Spring, roses(flowers), learning new things, exploration, studying mythical creatures.

Dislikes: Winter, death, being trapped, spiders. (Perhaps she was trapped in a cellar filled with webs as a child and this explains her phobia?)

Physical Strength: She is fit and healthy. (+0)

Constitution: She is fit and healthy. (+0)

Dexterity: She is fit and healthy. (+0)

Intelligence: As royalty, she had access to the royal library and given formal education in a wide range of subjects. As such, she is well versed in a variety of subjects including politics, etiquette, art, law, history, science, and basic arcane arts. Her side interests include basic herbology, medicine, and mythical beasts. (+3)

Wisdom: She is young and brash, but her heart is in the right place. She is excellent at conflict resolution when she is not emotionally invested in the outcome. (+1)

Charisma: She excelled in her education on courtly matters and can be equally charming and delightful or cold and harsh. It has yet to be seen if her skills will be applicable outside of a royal courtroom. (+3)

Skills: Basic first aid, herbology, courtly knowledge & manners, embroidery & sewing, persuasion, handle animal, riding, archery, self-defense

History: Born to Queen Marigold Viola. Her upbringing was fairly standard for a princess however her mother allowed her a little more freedom than usual, and as such, she has a fierce independence streak. Only a couple moon cycles before her sixteenth birthday her mother disappeared from the castle. Rumours of kidnapping and murder have thrown the castle and the kingdom into turmoil. Her father, King Brock, in desperation to create order and ensure the smooth succession of the crown has arranged to have Lilac marry Lord Willem (Bill). Horrified about the marriage, in shock from the disappearance of her mother, and determined to do her own thing, she runs away in hopes of finding her mother on her own. This has only caused greater turmoil in the castle and for her father, who has tasked nearly all of his royal guards to go out and find her. In addition, there is a bounty reward for her safe return. Since successfully escaping the castle and running away, she has switched her name to Rose Shinedown and died her hair black.

Family: Mom(Marigold)and Dad(Brock).

Relationships: Betrothed to Lord Willem.

Motivations: Determined to find her mother and learn more about the world first hand. Dislikes Lord Willem and want to avoid marriage with him at all costs.

Princess Lilac/ Rose Shinedown

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