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Character Building

Alignment: Lawful good.

Physical Description: Black Hair, beard split into two thick braids, ending in two spiked beard ornaments of iron, with bronze edges. Green eyes. Wears full plate.

Personality: Archetypal Dwarf, Religious, Committed, Blunt, Stubborn, Loyal, Appreciates the “finer things in life” (ale and gold).

Goals/motivations: Dreams of the day when he can return to his family but enjoys adventuring ( for the excitement, and feeling of mutual brotherhood with other PC’s). Also, has a natural dwarven attraction to treasure (a dwarven trait in general).

Religion: Highly religious to Moradin. Feels that non-dwarves are “unable to live up to Moradin’s high standards” but does not preach about it to others.

Prized possessions: Shield w/ clan symbol and beard decorations, Holy symbol/warhammer (religious weapon).


He’s a stereotypical stubborn dwarf cleric. Born an only child, he was raised in the Blackhammer Clan Dwarven Stronghold in the heart of dwaven territory. He is a member of the Blackhammer Clan. This clan had a long history of feuding with the rival dwarf clan, Clan Oresplitter. His parents were important members of the Blackhammers and in an effort to restore peace between clans, he was to be wed to the daughter of the Oresplitter’s clan leader. Not ready for commitment, he ran off shortly before the wedding was to take place and joined a battle group of dwarven defenders as their chaplain. Eventually his family discovered this and attempted to retrieve him. He again ran, abandoning his battle brothers and family. Alone, far from home, low on supplies, and on the run, he joined up with the party out of necessity. He puts on the airs of a steadfast stubborn dwarf, but on the inside, he’s in turmoil; pulled between his love for his family, his responsibility to his battlegroup, and by the threat of commitment in marriage.

Likes: Loves Good Dwarven Ale (misses it a lot since he left home). He believes dwarven craftsmanship to be superior to all others, but respects good quality/craftsmanship/manufacturing when he sees it. “You make good weapons. For a human.” He loves his family dearly.

Dislikes: Hates Spiders (esp. giant spiders like those in the mines) and has a general hatred towards goblins and orcs. Usually acts rude and disrespectful towards half-orcs. Dislikes swimming (had a bad experience).

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character sheet formatting code

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