Gweneth Fairmedow


Age: 17
Gender: female
Eye Colour: Silver
Hair Colour: Brown
Skin: Caucasion
Fears: Losing those she loves, Opening up to others
Equipment: sword that was mase by Father, Mother’s dagger
Possesions: Swordsman’s gloves, her sword, her dagger, little money, and her money satchel
Likes: sword-play, horses, wolves, horse riding, forests, long walks on the beach.
Disklikes: unnecessary deaths, drunkards, slobs, lazy people.
Nicknames: Gwen


A biography in the words of Gweneth Fairmedow,

I sometimes wonder if what I am doing is right. Ever since my father was kidnapped, my goal has been to head to the Avery Kingdom and seek help from the 10 guardians and Princess Lilac; if they even exist. You see, my father used to be a great swordsman who worked as a knight under the great king himself. He eventually met my mom and had me. For the first five years of my life I was happy; no, I was naive. The whole world was revealed to me on that day. My mother was kidnapped and presumed dead on her way home from traveling to see her sister. After that day, my father spirited me away to a small cottage in a large field. After that, I began to notice the change in my father. He began to shelter me; I was not allowed to wield a sword or travel to distant places. Can you just imagine that, not being able to learn your father’s trade? And every time I would ask to learn he would say to me, “Gweneth Fairmedow, the life of a knight is unsuited for a young lady of your kind. Ladies must stay in the home and…” This is the same speech I got every day. Lucky for me, a kind knight lived next door; and he had agreed to teach me swordplay and other knightly stuff. So now, I lived a life of lies. This lasted 16 long years and on my 16th birthday, I got sick of it. I told my father everything that had happened, packed up my stuff, and left home. It was nice, but after one year of extra training and living on my own; I got home sick. I missed my father and decided to return home. In that one singular moment, my world collapsed. I walked in to see my father gone, a long dagger sticking out of the wall with a note. He was kidnapped… If only I had gotten there sooner, maybe I could have saved him. The note said, “If you want your father and mother, come and get them.” That is when I found out my parents were alive, and my only hope of finding them was to seek out the guardians. You see, my father had told me stories about a princess who had control over the 10 guardians. I am going to seek her help to train myself so that I can save them. All I need to do now is to head for The Avery Kingdom!

Gweneth Fairmedow

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