Atara Coralspear/Elwya Nelith

A female sea elf, searching for a new adventure...


Name: Atara Coralspear (Elwya Nelith)

Age: 1600 human years old (She’s an elf, and the typical elf lives to about 9000 or so years. Appearence-wise, she’s 16. Basically add 2 zeros.)

Weight: 110lbs

Height: 175cm

Alignment: Goodish, but like most elves, prefers to avoid choosing sides in a war unless the need arises. She prefers to view herself as good, despite repeated plunderings…

Physical Description: Long black hair that she often keeps tied loosely behind her head, emerald green eyes with golden specks (as typical with elves). She also has pointed elf ears, but she says they are not as exaggerated as those in faerie tales. She like wearing loose shorts that allow her to move swiftly, as well as long black hooded cloaks because they allow her to conceal weapons easily, and conceals her face when not travelling with a party to avoid people from approaching her. She likes pockets and pouches, because they’re good for carrying items in. She also has a scar on her upper right shoulder.

Personality: She’s always ready for adventure. Reasonably intelligent, and highly skilled at fighting. She can get a bit carried away when it comes to battles and arguments, and can be incredibly stubborn depending on the situation. She almost never backs down in fights and doesn’t have a problem with getting a few cuts and bruises in the process, as long as her opponent’s injuries are worse.

Goals/motivations: Hopes to continue adventuring the world, including unmapped territory. Hopes to one day return to sailing the seas, but for now is content with exploring with the other PCs.

Religion: Non-religious, but still believes that all should be respected and treated with equality…kind of.

Prized possessions: Her twin blades (which she obtained from an old captain), her favourite black cloak (which is made of elven cloth and stronger than human materials) and a thin silver ring which resembles vines twirling around her finger, her only memento of a past she cannot remember.

History: see below

Likes: Nature, the forest, trees, knives and daggers, training, sailing, the seas, plundering, sparring, drinking contests (as long as she wins without getting drunk…she knows her limits)

Dislikes: When people make fun of her ears (stupid humans…), orcs, goblins, trolls, dwarves that only care about gold and mead, and themselves, most humans(but they’re easy to manipulate…), bad smells, idiots that invade the Elven woods, wimpy people, talking about her scar to most people


An infamous pirate, Atara Coralspear was left to her own devices at the age of 6. Since then, she sailed with some of the most terrifying pirates in the sea. She decided to leave behind her pirate life for a while and explore the world beyond the sea. While staying at the Broken Horn Tavern, she noticed a poster inviting all to an adventure and decided to join in. That is where the adventure begins…

As a young elf in the woods, she was known as Elwya Nelith. She lost both of her parents in a forest fire when she was very young and has lived on on her own ever since. All she remembers of her parents is a raging inferno and her home burning to the ground. All she has left of them is a silver ring, resembling vines, which she never takes off. She rejected the offers of other families to take her in and instead began travelling on her own at the age of 6. After several months of traveling on her own, she encountered a band of pirates. They tried to attack her, but spending 6 years as a woodland elf taught her to be quick, and she had always been fast, even for an elf. When they approached her, she quickly sprinted out of they way, grabbed one of their weapons, and attacked the leader from behind. His back was slashed before he even realised what had happened, for he had thought a 6 year old on her own was nothing to be afraid of. How wrong he was. After that incident, thay sat down and talked. That is, he sat down. She preferred standing up, still lacking trust in the pirate captain. After a few minutes of discussion, he offered for her to join them. She agreed, having nowhere to go, and after that quickly rose through the ranks and became second in command, and despite being a female, can be more feared on the ship than the captain. When she became a sea elf, she changed her name to Atara Coralspear, shedding her past name and her old identity.

Over the next few years, she hopped from ship to ship, but none of the stays were as long as the time she spent on the first ship. When she left it, as a parting gift, her captain gave her a pair of twin blades, and off she went to rule the seas. She also spent some time upon the feared ship ‘The Sea Shivv’, where she learned many skills from Captain Eldarra, the infamous female elf captain. After a few years, she left the crew to start her own and be the captain of her own ship and eventually became one of the most notorious pirates in the sea. Because of her independent nature, during her time as a captain she sought out many Elven warriors and learned a fight a lot better than most Elves.

Her weapon of choice are daggers, as she thinks that they are useful for hand to hand combat, as well as for throwing. She’s also skilled with the basic sword and can fight with a curved pirate blade. She can shoot a bow reasonably well (but is better at knife throwing), but is inexperienced with maces, axes and hammers.

She’s an amazing tree climber, and extremely quick. As a child, she played with the other elven children up in the trees. One game they often played was tree tag: The children jumped from tree to tree way up high, trying not to get tagged by the person who’s ‘it’.

Like all elves, she prefers not to choose a side in wars, but prefers to waits for the outcome. “The wars of humans are of no concern to us, unless we are truly against one side. If this is the case, we will fight until our last breath for what we believe is right.”

She dislikes Orcs, Goblins, Trolls (both the monsters and the people), humans (especially the ones who don’t shower…actually, she hates anyone who doesn’t shower) and other people in general. Human hunters that invade her ships without permission also irritate her, but not for long, because they promptly find a throwing knife jammed in their necks.

She’s incredibly stubborn and hates losing, especially to a non-sea elf. She also hates it when people make fun of her ears. (Not a good idea and you may not want to turn your back at all…but then again, she’ll throw a knife whether you’re looking of not.) She doesn’t view herself as weak (and if you do, prepared to get your butt kicked), and can’t really stand princesses and princes, because of how sheltered they always are (she says they’re ‘wimpy’…)

She likes to shield her emotions and doesn’t open up to people easily. She’s always suspicious of new people, and rarely lets her guard down. She trusts very few and when she’s upset, she drowns her sorrow through intense training. She can hold her ale and/or mead down pretty darn well too (that’s what happens when you’re raised by pirates), but she doesn’t drown her sorrow by drinking when she’s upset (unlike some people…).

The scar on her upper right shoulder? She doesn’t really like to talk about it, but what I’ll tell you is that it’s one of the reasons she doesn’t trust as easily, and is especially cold to humans. If you want, try and get her to tell you (good luck…), but if you’re a human, get her not to hate you first.

All the sea-elves are considered “outcasts” from regular woodland elf culture. The woodland elves consider them uncouth, wet-eared barbaric cousins. However, any sailor who’s worth his salt knows you might get away with calling the woodland elves tree-hugging sissies, but try suggesting that to a sea-elf sailor and you’re likely to find yourself face down in a muddy street with a fresh bruise and a few missing teeth.

Str: +2 Pulling ropes and lifting cargo would make her exceptionally strong.
Con: +1 One needs a strong stomach to eat what they feed you on ships.
Dex: +4 High for even for a sea-elf, she has near super-human agility.
Int: +1 Growing up traveling the seas and meeting new cultures has allowed her to become worldly in her own way, hearing many stories and experiencing them for herself.
Wis: +0 While easy to anger and raise fists, she still knows danger when she sees it and reacts accordingly.
Cha: -1 Rough around the edges and not really a “people person”. She doesn’t exactly play well with others. She often separates herself from others, and hates depending on others.

Atara Coralspear/Elwya Nelith

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