Creatures and Races

This is a glossary of the creatures and races that populate our world. The bottom list is for potential races, either races or creatures you’d like to see added, or just ideas for new ones.

Canon Creatures & Races

This list contains official or “canon” creatures and races that you’ve met or know about in-game. You should consider what gets added here to be “fact”. You can add your own information about certain creatures or races based on what you learn in-game but make sure you’re not assuming or making new information up.


Concept Creatures & Races

This list contains unofficial or concept creatures and races. These can include races that you haven’t met or know about in-game. You can add as many creatures or ideas as you want to the bottom list. Remember though, that this list is unofficial and none of it is guaranteed to make it into our world. I may add creatures or races myself to the bottom list that I’m considering adding but would like your ideas on. I’d especially like to hear your ideas on relevant characteristics, behavior, weaknesses or culture. I’m less interested in what special powers or magical abilities you think they might have.

When creating or adding to a creature: I want you guys to consider this world as a fantasy ecosystem of sorts. Consider how your creature might fit in to this system. Example: The yeti could be a hairy cousin of the troll but might feed on mountain goats rather than sheep and cows due to it’s favoured mountainous habitat.

When creating or adding a race: Consider the politics of the world. How might their race fit in? What makes them significant? Example: Faeries are diminutive race of secretive forest dwellers who are fiercely protective of their forest habitat. They have been waging a guerrilla war against human loggers and settlers in the western forest due to loss of their homelands. Despite their small size, they have innate magical powers which have been key in allowing them to successfully fight back against much larger adversaries. They retain a relatively neutral relationship with the elves that share the forest with them since the elves are much more considerate to their natural surroundings.


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Creatures and Races

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