Wiki Editing Rules

This page is to outline specific procedures for editing the wiki so we don’t accidentally delete each other’s work and so we keep a nice consistent format to each page.

Proposing Edits to an Article:

At the bottom of the article there should be a section entitled “Proposed Edit(s):”
If there isn’t, then you can make it. Under that you can write your proposed edits for an article using the format:


Proposed Edit(s):
bq. <yourname:> Your proposed change.

Note that the “Proposed Edit(s):” is bolded and “<yourname:> Your proposed change.” is using the a blockquote tag and that everything is placed under a long line of dashes. The dashes create a dividing line across the entire page. I have an example at the bottom of this page.

Formatting and Style Guide

I have yet to make a formal decision on how we’ll treat titles, subtitles, body copy, etc. and I’m more or less just winging it page to page for now. As long as it’s clear, legible, and has decent hierarchy then I think it’s fine. I may develop one in the future as the need arises.

Proposed Edit(s):

<os:> Just another example proposal edit. This one was added after the one below so I placed it above so that the most recent proposal is always placed on top.

<os:> So here’s our section for suggesting formatting or style rules. This one isn’t really a proposed edit but more of an example for everyone else. Feel free to post your real suggestions above this one.

Wiki Editing Rules

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